Managed Wordpress Website Service

Introducing our Managed WordPress Website Service – the easy and stress-free way to have a fantastic website! We handle everything for you, starting from creating and looking after your WordPress site to making it look awesome and run super fast. With us, you can relax and enjoy a smooth, secure, and fantastic website experience without any worries!
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Managed wordpress service

Your Local Website Design Experts

At WP ERR FIX, we’re a skilled team of web designers with over 15 years of experience, specializing in WordPress website design and development. Our expertise extends across the globe, with dedicated teams in the USA, UK, Australia, Bulgaria, and Bangladesh.

Whether you’re a small local business, part of a national brand, or a large international company, our goal is to create modern and visually appealing WordPress websites that cater to your specific needs. We pride ourselves on delivering fast, responsive, and search-engine-friendly solutions, ensuring your online presence is not only visually impressive but also user-friendly.

No matter where you are – in the bustling cities of the USA, the vibrant markets of the UK, the vast landscapes of Australia, the rich history of Bulgaria, or the dynamic culture of Bangladesh – our teams are committed to providing top-notch WordPress website design and development services tailored to your business goals and budget.

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Our Custom Local Web Design Solutions

Built with Wordpress

Designed on WordPress

WordPress is a popular software and content management system used worldwide for easily handling websites of various companies and teams. Our team of skilled web designers excels in creating outstanding websites that are not only visually appealing but also perform well on search engines. We focus on top-notch graphic design to ensure your website stands out.
Custom Builder

Custom Theme

Tired of generic websites that blend in with the crowd? At WP ERR FIX, our local design team builds custom WordPress themes tailored to your business, like a bespoke suit you'll never find off the rack. We're laser-focused on one thing: helping you stand out online. Forget flashy designs that sacrifice speed. Our themes are dynamic and responsive, meaning they adapt to any screen and load in a snap. Visitors won't click away waiting for your site to catch up. We also build with Google's Core Web Vitals in mind, so you climb the search engine ranks and become a magnet for new customers.
Endless Variety

A limitless range

We've built lots of successful WordPress websites for clients. Because of this experience, we know which plugins can help you reach your goals. Plus, our expert web designers can create a custom WordPress website that's perfect for your specific business.
custom designs

Custom Designs

We approach every web design project with great care and attention to detail. Our in-house graphic design experts and professional web designers skillfully craft each website design. We collaborate directly with you during the entire website development process to make sure the branding, layout, and design align perfectly with your vision. We guarantee that you'll be highly satisfied with our work, finding our custom designs both captivating and innovative.
custom plugin

Custom Plugins

Being a well-respected Web Design Company with awards, we have a lot of know-how in creating custom plugins for our clients. Can't find an existing plugin that does what you need? No problem – we'll gladly create one for you! Need to tweak an existing plugin to match your particular requirements? Our software development team can assist with that! iOnline provides top-notch solutions for all your website needs.

Fast hosting

We provide fast and dependable hosting, taking care of everything to keep your website online and backed up. Our hosting services are available in the US, UK, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, and on cloud servers.


We design every website with SEO in mind. Our team ensures that your website is friendly to search engines and conducts research to find the right keywords for your business. Additionally, when building, we also perform on-page SEO, including image optimization for better search engine visibility.

Fully Responsive

With the majority of website visitors using mobile devices, you can be confident that your website will work seamlessly on all devices – mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Secure website (SSL)

Every website comes with SSL certificates to ensure the safety and security of your visitors. This means your website will use "https://" and browsers will show a secure padlock, giving users peace of mind.

Unlimited Free Support

Count on our team of developers and marketing experts for dependable support. Whether you need changes to website content, assistance with email accounts, or just some general advice, we're here to help.

Lightning Fast

When we create a website, we ensure it's super fast, achieving excellent results in Google's Core Web Vitals. We also incorporate Progressive Web App (PWA) features, making the website extremely fast, attracting more customers and boosting sales.

How It works

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Visit our contact form or order form and complete a few details to arrange your kick-off call.

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A chill phone call with WP ERR FIX.

20-30 minutes

We ensure that we’re a good fit for you, and you’re comfortable moving forward. We keep things straightforward, avoiding complicated language, and ask a few questions to learn more about your business, preferences, and ideas.

See your website

72 Hours

Once your website is prepared for you to check out, we’ll send you an email. Typically, this happens within 72 hours, unless there are delays due to revisions, domain names, or payments.


Website Changes

48 Hours

We manage your website with changes as many times as you wish. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of it.


How Much Does It Cost?
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  • Standard

    Managed Wordpress Websites

    At WP ERR FIX, we offer everything you need to get started, and it's all included in our simple plans, which can be paid monthlyquarterly or yearly.
    Yearly, paid upfront (2 months free!)
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  • Pro

    Managed Wordpress Websites Pro

    WP ERR FIX Pro includes all the features of the standard package, plus eCommerce capabilities. Enjoy enhanced design, engagement, and animations to make your website truly stand out!
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