Application Development

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Application Development Services

Creating apps can be tough, whether you’re in Australia, the UK, USA, Bulgaria, or anywhere globally. We’re proud of our skilled team of software developers who always manage to deliver innovative app solutions within budget and, importantly, on time—every time.

Our dedicated team can help you develop custom applications, integrate APIs into existing systems, create mobile apps, custom web applications, and even comprehensive CRM solutions. We’re with you from the initial idea to design, deployment, and ongoing support, serving clients not just locally but also in Australia, the UK, USA, Bulgaria, and around the world.

Website Development

Web Applications

Our software developers are skilled at creating personalized CRM systems, online booking systems, directory management systems, custom content management systems (CMS), and plugins tailored for popular CMS and ecommerce carts.
WordPress Development

WordPress Development

We create websites from the ground up, ensuring optimal performance by avoiding any unnecessary code that could potentially slow down your site's speed and responsiveness.
Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Using mobile apps not only makes things easier for your clients but also puts your brand in front of a global audience, increasing its visibility and impact.
API Integration

API Integration

We can make your different software and platforms talk to each other smoothly. Our team will create a special connection (API integration) just for you, so everything works together well. This makes things easier and more efficient for you. Let us help you set up a digital system that fits your needs perfectly.

Web Applications

Nowadays, when choosing a platform for applications, web applications are becoming more popular because they allow us to work from anywhere. Our team of software developers can create personalized systems like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), online booking systems, directory management systems, and custom content management systems. We can also design custom add-ons for popular website management systems and online shopping carts.


Custom CRM Systems


Online Booking Systems


Directory Management Systems


Custom Content Management Systems

Custom Plugin

Custom plugins for popular CMS

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are everywhere nowadays, serving clever solutions to problems, engaging clients, and putting your business or brand directly into your audience’s hands. These apps are not just convenient for your clients; they also showcase your brand to the world. Talk to our development team about creating your new mobile app. We cater to everyone!

The skilled team at WP ERR FIX are experts in developing mobile applications. We can assist with both complex and simpler app development. Just reach out to us to discuss your needs and budget.

Mobile applications serve various purposes, such as:

  1. Productivity Apps
  2. News/Information Apps
  3. Games/Entertainment Apps
  4. Utility Apps
  5. Lifestyle Apps …and many more!

Software Development

Our dedicated team is committed to crafting tailored solutions for a variety of needs, from intricate business applications to straightforward software projects. With a focus on seamless communication, we prioritize your input throughout the development process. At WP ERR FIX, we understand the critical role of quality software in today’s competitive landscape. Explore our comprehensive range of services, spanning productivity, news, entertainment, utility, and lifestyle apps. Contact us today, and let’s transform your software aspirations into reality, making your mark in the digital world

Software Development
Api integration

API Integration

Do you have a software in place and wish it could seamlessly communicate with another platform? Are you developing a new application or website and want your existing business software to effortlessly work with it? Look no further! We specialize in crafting custom API integrations that make all your software and platforms talk to each other harmoniously. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current setup or ensure smooth collaboration between new applications, our tailored API integration solutions are designed just for you. Let us bridge the gap between your systems, providing a streamlined and cohesive experience. Connect with us, and let’s empower your digital landscape with personalized API integration that ensures your software ecosystem works seamlessly.

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